Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Mood Board Inspiration

Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Mood Board Inspiration

On the blog today is a shoppable mood board!

I finally discovered the magic of mood boards during the renovation of this house. I can’t believe that we are on our third home renovation project and I just found them. They are SO helpful! And today, I would like to show you our home’s modern farmhouse kitchen mood board!

I have found that it is hard to design in 2020 during a worldwide pandemic! It’s hard to get to the store and really touch and see the things you want to buy to put into your home. So you’re left to ordering most things online and there is a big gap in what may look good on a computer screen and what looks good when it arrives at your house.

Because of all this I finally tried my own mood board and everything came together so much more easily! When you create a page of products, you start to see how everything fits together. You can see if something isn’t quite right for the space or maybe it’s the wrong color before you order it.

And the fun part is shopping around online, saving a stock photo of it and trying it out in your mood board. Let’s say you are designing your kitchen, you can try three different light fixture pictures with all of the other choices for your room and see what the cohesive vibe is.

When I create my board I like to use It is an easy to use graphic design software and always my first choice when I start a mood board project.

I just:

  1. Shop around online
  2. Save images of products I like to my computer
  3. Download the images to
  4. Arrange them around the page

Here is my Farmhouse Kitchen mood board, what to you think? I will place all the links to the products below the picture.

Light fixture, Soap bottles, Gold cabinet pull, Lemon greenery vase, Gold conical knob, Glass stem frame, Farmhouse stools, Gold faucet, Hampton Bay kitchen cabinets, Rustic subway tile, $199 Farmhouse sink, Luxury vinyl flooring, Calacatta marble laminate countertops

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