How We Celebrate Valentine’s Day!

How We Celebrate Valentine’s Day!

A fun look into our Valentine’s Day festivities!

I have come to the conclusion that Valentine’s day is my favorite holiday. It’s a day so full of fun and little notes of love. I remember waking up as a kid on Valentine’s Day, I knew that when I went to sit down for breakfast, my spot at the table would have Valentine’s from my mom, dad, brother and sister, oh and a little candy of course!

Growing up, Valentine’s Day wasn’t about boys and secret admirers, my parents made it about family love and of course, God’s love! So that’s just what I wanted to share with my family.

I’ve decided to recreate those moments with my kids and I’m in the works on planning this years Valentine’s Day family fun. But I wanted to show you what we did last year!

First the girls woke up to special homemade valentine’s at their seat at the table (we were living in a different house last year). And I made them a “special” breakfast- really I just made their usual toaster waffles and put sprinkles on them.

We exchanged Valentine’s and candy and the girls each got a little balloon. I told them that later on we were going to have a special family Valentine’s Day dinner and they could wear their favorite dress. Tyler and I don’t have parents that live close to us so its hard to go out on dates, this was a fun way to have a date night that included the family!

The girls were so excited. They helped me set and decorate the table. I have a set of “special” red plates that we use for fun occasions like this. We had gone out earlier in the week to get some Valentine’s decor from the dollar tree. To add to the fun I got the girls plastic “fancy” glasses to drink from.

Later on after dinner we played pin the emoji on the Valentine. And finally we made a special dessert which was tollhouse cookie dough baked in a cake pan. I sliced it into wedges and topped them with ice cream and caramel sauce, just like at a restaurant!


Here are a few ideas of fun activities to do with your kids!

kids valentine's day activity

You can find this Valentine’s Heart Relay idea from Becca at

kids valentine's day activity

Here’s a Valentine’s Day slime activity! From Melissa at

kids valentine's day activity

And finally, heres an easy kids Valentine’s Day wreath activity. From Tara at

I hope you feel inspired by this to make this Valentine’s Day extra special for your fam. I’m a big believer in that it doesn’t matter how much money you spend, but the little touches go a long way in making fun memories with our kids.

Let me know what you do to make Valentine’s Day special this year!


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