Easy Movie Night Snack Tray

Easy Movie Night Snack Tray

Make movie night extra special!

Our family loved this special movie night snack tray. And it was really easy to make. This would be perfect for a kid’s sleepover, a party with friends, or even date night!

I assembled everything and handed out bowls to the family and they each got to choose their favorite movie snacks. Then we went down to our basement to watch a family movie on our mini projector. A birthday present to my husband last year!

Unfortunately, our same projector is out of stock but here is something very similar linked here.

The How To

First, find a tray or a large plate. I believe I got mine at Walmart a few years ago but here is a link to something similar. But really, any large plate around your house should do!

Then gather up some small bowls for candy. Ramekins are the perfect size! Pour in your favorite movie theater box candies into each bowl. Then place them on the tray.

Candy & Snack Ideas

  • M&m’s
  • Cookie dough bites
  • Sour patch kids
  • Pretzels
  • Raisins
  • Licorice bites
  • Mike and ikes
  • Junior mints
  • Charleston chews

And finally, pop 1 or 2 bags of popcorn and pour the popcorn onto the tray around the bowls of candy. We used one and a half bags to fill up this large one!

Now just hand everyone a bowl and let them assemble their perfect movie snack!

Let me know what candies your family chose in the comments!


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