Celebrating Easter with Kids

Celebrating Easter with Kids
Amazon Outfits and Easter Basket Ideas

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He has risen!

Easter is so very important in our family! What a joyous holiday as we celebrate our Risen Savior, such GOOD NEWS!

Along with the traditional Easter basket, we celebrate Easter with going to church, a gathering of extended family and of course- talking about what Easter means with our kids!

We talk about Good Friday and Jesus’s death on the cross, and how something big is coming on Easter, we do not serve a God who is dead but one who is ALIVE! Just like spring is making trees and plants new again, God is wanting to do a renewing work in our hearts! He wants the chance to make our hearts new, a work that can only be done BY FAITH in Jesus Christ and his death on the cross and rising from the dead!

This year we are working through Resurrection Eggs kids activity. It tells the full story of Easter and has a booklet to read from for 12 days. Each day the kids open an egg and it has something inside!

We started a bit early, but I have been surprised by the reaction from my kids! They are SO excited to read an egg each day and are learning and memorizing each part of the death and resurrection story of Christ.

ressurection eggs

Another way we will celebrate Easter this year is finding special Easter dresses for our girls. Usually every year these are thrift store purchases, but having a special outfit to wear to church on Easter signifies to our girls that this day is a big deal. It’s something small but is just so special in our house! I grew up as a pastor’s kid, and we didn’t get new things too often besides for our birthday’s and Christmas, but I could count on a new Easter dress, it is such a fun memory that I want to share with my kids!

Amazon Easter Outfits
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And finally we do make Easter baskets for our kids. We don’t stress the Easter bunny or anything but it is definitely a fun tradition that makes fun memories. Below are some ideas of easy items I like to put in our kids baskets. We usually go relatively small, but it’s the thought and the effort that count, right?

I usually go to walmart or target for the small stuff: candy, stickers, bubbles, plastic easter eggs, they have so much fun stuff. And then splurge on a couple larger things.

Easter morning, before church, we hide the Easter basket somewhere in the house and the kids have to go look for it, a tradition from when I was a kid!

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I hope you enjoyed this post! Let me know your favorite family Easter tradition in the comments. Happy Easter!





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