Mermaid Fairy Gardens: Easy Kids Activity

Mermaid Fairy Gardens: Easy Kids Activity

Make your own fairy garden, mermaid style!

This Mermaid Fairy Garden activity was a hit at my daughter’s birthday celebration! I looked up some ideas on pinterest and found some fun looking kits to buy, but I thought they were too pricey. The idea behind a fairy garden is really to find items in nature, and I didn’t want to spend $15 per person!

So I came up with a cheaper version using items from around my house! Let me show you what you need!

Mermaid Fairy Gardens

First you need some sort of container. I saved a couple of deli ham containers for the base of the fairy gardens, so those were free. We kept the party just immediate family because of covid, so we didn’t need many containers. But you could find budget friendly tubs from Dollar Tree for a bigger party!

Then we used some sand from our sandbox, the girls loved filling their own containers! If you don’t have sand, just find some dirt!

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I purchased these Glass gems to look like water, you can buy them from this link if you need a lot, but for us, they were $1 at Walmart for a little pack! You could also find some at Dollar Tree.

Mermaid Fairy Garden

I was so excited we had these Mermaid cut outs on hand from Christmas! If you don’t want to buy anything, you could also print out some mermaid themed pictures and cut them out. Search “mermaid clipart” on google and print out some pictures. There are so many options!

And finally, have fun finding items from your back yard to fill up the fairy garden! It’s so fun to leave it open ended and let the kids create! It’s amazing what they found and it really does look like it belongs on a mermaid beach! Have fun with it and I’m sure it will be a hit!

As you can see, my girls are young, so they obviously thought the more the better! 🤣 The girls found different leaves from around the backyard. We cut up the netting from the glass gems to make fish nets! Some mulch was added to resemble drift wood, and of course my girls needed to add dandelions!

When we were done, we put them on the party table as centerpieces. They were fun to have as decorations for the party!

I hope you enjoyed this post about an easy mermaid fairy garden activity! It doesn’t have to be for a birthday party, you could easily do this activity this summer when you are looking for a kids craft!

Have fun creating! Let me know how yours turned out in the comments!





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