How To Make Pinterest Story Pins

How To Make Pinterest Story Pins

How To Create Your First Story Pin On Pinterest

Pinterest story pins are the biggest thing in Pinterest right now! They are hot and will grow your account SO quickly.

The reason is that Pinterest is trying to encourage users to use their new tool, so these pins are promoted to a much bigger audience. I saw my audience go up by 1000% just by using them in the first two weeks!

If you go to Pinterest right now and look at the feed, you’ll see pins with page icons at the top of your page. These pins are getting more views and more reach than regular pins and you should totally take advantage of that!

I am a new blogger and new to Pinterest, and story pins have changed the game for me! I’m getting views, re-pins and even new followers every day! And you can too!

Watch the youtube video!

Here are my beginner steps to using story pins.

  1. Just try ONE, try one out, see how it goes. You might not love how it turns out it but now you’ll understand how it works. And you can always go and delete it later.
  2. Ratio requirements: Pinterest wants you to use a vertical image or video. The images must be less than 20 MB per slide and 100 MB per video slide. If you have a larger video, just break it up and upload each segment!
  3. Use broken up video or step by step pictures. Use the text boxes they give you, play with the colors and fonts and make it eye catching! If using video, start with a video shot- not just a still shot, this will draw a viewer’s eye to your pin.
  4. Post one story pin per day. I’m a food blogger and I’m going through and remaking my old pins into story pins one at a time. This takes a lot of work, so I just work on tackling one each day!
  5. Pinterest won’t let you link to your website, so put your website in the description! I like to give the ingredients to my recipe and say “to get the full recipe visit this link I provide.” Some people provide all the info and some provide nothing, just a link. I find this is a nice sweet spot!

You can do it! My biggest advice is just to get out there and try your first one, you’ll be amazed at the amount of reach you’ll get! Happy pinning, and let me know if you have any questions 🙂


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