Easy Guide to Planting Blueberries in a Raised Garden Bed

Easy Guide to Planting Blueberries in a Raised Garden Bed

Grow The Perfect Blueberries

Growing it Simply Garden Series: Blueberries

Today we will cover how to successfully grow blueberries! Blueberry plants are difficult to grow because they require a soil ph level of between 4.0 and 5.5, and ideally around 4.5. They also like well draining soil as well. That means most plants won’t grow properly in normal backyard soil.

To fix this I am planting our blueberry bushes in raised garden beds with a specific 1:1 mix of sphagnum peat moss and pine bark mini nuggets (or mulch). This will give the soil the acidity it needs and be well draining since blueberry roots do not like to sit in wet soil. And as a last simple step, I’ll add a fertilizer to the top 6 inches of the soil (linked here). You can use Acid mix fertilizer, Berry-tone, something along those lines. That will get the plants off to the best start.

Normally you want to space your blueberry plants a few feet apart but since we are planting in a raised bed I’m going to plant 3 in a 6 foot long garden bed to get a high yield of berries.

It is important to really mound up the soil mix, almost over fill, when first filling up your raised garden bed. This will leave room for the soil to settle over time.

Deciding Which Blueberry Cultivars to Plant - Alabama Cooperative Extension  System

photo posted by: Chip East aces.edu

The How To:

First find your planter. You can use one with holes in the bottom or make one with wood. If it is wood, you can line it with plastic sheeting and punch holes in the bottom for drainage. Also a layer of rocks will help with drainage as well.

Next, in a wheel barrow or the container you are going to use (this is messier) mix up your 1:1 sphagnum peat moss and pine bark mini nuggets (or mulch). These exact soil ingredients are important to use. You will want to add a little bit of water while mixing to rehydrate the peat moss.

Add the soil to your container garden and mound up so that is very full, leaving room for the soil to settle over time.

Add Acid mix fertilizer or Berry-tone to top 6 inches of soil.

Optional: You can top your garden with weed paper here, tack down the edges with garden stakes, and cut medium sized holes for the blueberry plants if you don’t want to worry about weeding.

Plant your blueberry plants. Top with pine bark mini nuggets (or mulch). Lightly water.

Other tips:

You can water blueberry plants two to three times a week.

You can check the soil PH with these test strips.

Birds love to eat the blueberries you worked so hard to grow. You can use this bird netting to keep them away.

Check out my other how to’s for simple instructions on how to grow other plants in your yard. I like to include important information but not too much to overwhelm. Gardening is a learning process but it’s also fun!

We are starting an “orchard” as my daughter’s say. We planted apple trees, a cherry tree, raspberries, and strawberries. This year we are putting in another apple tree, a peach tree, blackberries and blueberries. I so enjoy growing food for my family to pick and eat right from our backyard. Even their neighbor friends pick and eat from bushes and trees, it’s fun to see!

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