Chic Farmhouse Buffet Of My Dreams

Chic Farmhouse Buffet Of My Dreams

Before and After!

We just moved into a new house, it has 1800 square feet on the main floor and boy did they have a small kitchen! It was by no means a dream kitchen, with its 80s style cabinets, small foot print and an appliance layout that just didn’t function. So when we moved in it didn’t take much time to realize that the kitchen would be one of the projects on the top of our list!

As you can see it was a juggling act to stand at the sink and put dishes in the dishwasher! But I’ll get into that in another blog post about how we moved the appliances around and how we rehabbed this space into our dream kitchen for under $6500!

First off, I wanted a BIG kitchen, because why not? We have a large space to work with, that is kind of awkward with these windows peeking out in the middle, so I had the fun idea to make the previous kitchen and dining space ALL kitchen!

The easiest project to start with, before messing with the dishwasher and sink, knowing we’d be living on paper plates and takeout with no working kitchen for a few weeks, was the buffet area. As you can see from this blueprint I did on Floor Planner it would balance out this looong kitchen I had planned.

We started with some 30 inch upper cabinets from home depot. My husband, Tyler is the carpenter and our own in-house professional DIYer in all the projects we get ourselves into. And if you ask our friends and family, we never stop DIYing, since this is the third house we’ve bought to renovate in the last 4 years!

He measured the extra height he would need to make this upper cabinet into the same height as a normal lower cabinet, and just built a simple frame out of 2x4s to raise it up. From there I chose this hardware, a chic and midcentury modern style cylinder knob.

The countertop is BEAUTIFUL and I am in love, they are actually just in-stock laminate countertops from Menards. We purchased the Calacatta Marble and I love the way they look!

How do you think this turned out? I love the fact that it is pretty, clean, and almost timeless!

Be looking out for another post coming, I decided to add open shelving over the buffet!

Never stop dreaming!


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