How To Make A Fall Tablescape

How To Make A Fall Tablescape

Using cuttings from your own backyard!

This was our table decor for thanksgiving this year. And can I tell you a little secret? It didn’t cost me ANY money. I used cuttings from the bushes in my own backyard and I think it turned out wonderful.

Once I gathered enough cuttings, I brought them inside and laid them out on the table. I layered each type on top of each other and played around until it looked nice. And finally finished with some pumpkins, taper candles, and tea lights.

Here’s a photo of each bush I trimmed:

And here’s the finished tablescape!

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This same decor without the pumpkins would be perfect for Christmas dinner as well. With natural and beautiful elements from the outdoors, I know your table will look pretty any way you style it! Happy decorating!


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